The Simple brand concept was conceived by a chemist at Albion Toiletries who had a personal interest formulating a soap that is kind and gentle to the skin. His children suffered from sensitive skin and found that perfumed soap caused skin irritation. This inspired the formulation of the first perfume and colour free soap.

In 1960, the Simple brand debuted in the skincare market.

With a strong following in the UK, the Albion team saw an opportunity in the market to create more 100% perfume and colour free skincare products dedicated to sensitive skin. In 1978, Simple launched the first ever three-step skincare regime with a soap, lotion, and night cream.

In 1988, Smith & Nephew Consumer Products bought the Albion Toiletries Company and the Simple brand. The Simple brand continued with its overriding philosophy of formulating products suitable for sensitive skin.

In 1992, Simple re-launched the skincare range with modern green/grey packaging replacing the old brown packaging, giving the products a more kind and caring look.

In 1996, Simple evolved from the green/grey packaging to a fresher green theme. This was to give the range a better shelf presence with a more appealing image to consumers.

In 2000, Simple was sold to Accantia Health & Beauty Ltd.

Going beyond a series of successes, The Simple brand has gone from strength to strength in broadening its product range whilekeeping its prime philosophy of formulating products suitable for sensitive skin. Additional product ranges include toiletries, haircare,and eye care.

In 2009, Accantia Health & Beauty was renamed SIMPLE Health & Beauty Limited as part of corporate re-branding exercise to align with its main brand SIMPLE. SIMPLE now holds the number one position in four out of nine categories within the UK facial skincare market. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes are the biggest selling facial skincare product in the UK retail trade – consumers purchase one pack every 5.0 seconds.